At Brentwood, our standard and recommended method of printing is using FOLLOW-ME via Papercut Mobility Print. This allows staff and students to print and then retrieve their print job from any printer on the school campus. It is easy to setup as well!

Papercut Mobility Print Setup

This document goes over printing to the FOLLOW-ME queue using Papercut Mobility Print. This works with Windows, MacOS, IOS, Android, Linux and ChromeOS. It is the easiest to setup and gets straight to printing!

Many Brentwood Windows and MacOS devices are already configured and don't require this. If you are using a different operating system or a personal device, please follow the setup steps.

To setup your device, please visit the setup documentation for your operating system.

General Printing

Once you are setup with printing via Papercut Mobility Print, here are the general steps to print.

  • Print your job to FOLLOW-ME.

  • There are two options to get your print job:

    • Use your student card or staff fob to login and release your job at the printer or copier.

    • Use the web release on Papercut and pick your job up from the printer or copier.

Print Troubleshooting

MacOS: Hold for Authentication Error

At Brentwood we require a password change every 140 days. Saving your password when printing is extremely handy, but once you password changes, your old password no longer allows you to print. Your device is unaware of your password change and will require you to re-enter your credentials with your newest password.

Here is an example of Keychain Access saving your old password and stopping the print job.


Remove the old password entry from Keychain Access.

  • Press Command and Spacebar and search your device for an application called Keychain Access.

  • In the search bar highlighted in red, type in Print.

  • Delete the entry called Follow-me

  • Once the entry has been delete, return to your print job and attempt to print the document.

Enter your Brentwood credentials.

  • Firstname.Lastname

  • Brentwood password

Note: If you enable the keychain checkbox, you will have to do these steps again in 140 days.


If you are having any issues or questions, please contact the Innovations Helpdesk.