What is x2Vol?

Why track my volunteer work?

  1. Graduation. The Ministry of Education requires all students to have a minimum number of volunteer hours to graduate. Hours can be entered for paid or unpaid work.
  2. Brentwood College Service Pin. Volunteer hours can also go towards Brentwood’s Service Pin. However, only unpaid volunteer hours can be used towards this award.

Step 1. Create your x2Vol account:

  1. Find your School:
    1. Go to the x2Vol account creation page.
    2. Type Brentwood College and click Search.
    3. Click on the link that appears: Brentwood College School, Mill Bay.
  2. Enter your Information:
    1. Enter your Last Name, and then enter any Student Number ( ie. 12345 ).
    2. Complete the Registration page:
    3. Enter your real First Name and Last Name
    4. Enter your correct Brentwood email address ( ie. firstname.lastname@brentwood.ca )
    5. Enter anything for date of birth and contact information, as this information is not important.
    6. Click Proceed.
  3. Select your Interests:
    1. Drag the sliders to gauge your interests and careers.
    2. Click the checkboxes next to the causes and activity that interest you.
    3. Click Proceed.
  4. Complete your Account Settings:
    1. Enter a password in both fields.
    2. Select your graduation year.
    3. Click Complete Registration.
  5. Your account setup is now complete! Brentwood x2VOL staff will then approve your new account.

Step 2. Find and Join opportunities:

  1. Log into your x2VOL account at https://www.x2vol.com.
  2. Click the button Find Opportunities.
  3. Modify your search criteria to find an opportunity that matches your interest.
  4. Follow the instructions to join a selected opportunity.

Step 3. Add your hours:

  1. Log into your x2VOL account at https://www.x2vol.com.
  2. Click the button Add Hours.
  3. Follow the instructions to submit your completed hours for each organization.